BeatCubes 1.0

The next generation of BeatCubes BeatCubes 1.0 is now here. With this, we've changed some stuff; 

Instead of being free, BeatCubes will now cost $5 to purchase. This also means that the web version of BeatCubes will be removed, as that can enable people to play the game for free. 

Why are you doing this? 

To further support the development of BeatCubes. Making a game has and will never be an easy task. We're also currently looking for more developers, which then means that once we get some more people on our developer team, we'll need to give them some kind of income, which is hard when the only game Zephrya Games currently has published is BeatCubes, which before 1.0 was free. 

Can I get it for cheaper? 

Only if we're running a sale.

Will the older versions be supported? 

Yes, as BeatCubes doesn't require an internet connection to a server while playing, old versions will still be supported. Although, older versions might have trouble connecting to the Save Code Servers, so don't rely on that save codes will always work. 

When should I upgrade? 

When you feel like it. We recommend that whenever we release a new update containing new songs, critical bug fixes, or server fixes, you should upgrade. 

What does this mean for me and other players? 

Nothing worse than that for newer versions and updates you'll be required to pay a $5 one-time payment to get further updates. You can stay on the current version, but as we stated above, your copy of BeatCubes might start to have trouble connecting to the server, and save codes might not work. 

Will Linux and macOS be supported if I pay? 

We do not recommend that you purchase BeatCubes if you're on macOS or Linux, and have no opportunity to switch to Windows. As Windows is the only system that we can promise updates for, please do not purchase BeatCubes if you intend to play on macOS or Linux. Instead, please wait until we release a stable version for macOS or Linux.

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