BeatCubes v1.2 Beta 2 - Changelog

Welcome to a new era of Beating Cubes

Or atleast, that's how most game developers would say it. Here at Zephrya Games, we just say, welcome to the 2nd Beta of BeatCubes v1.2!

In this beta, we both improved and added some stuff.

We improved the following:

* Animations are now smoother thanks to interpolation

* Tweaked the text when generating a savecode

* Tweaked sync of map "Dreams"

We have one more big announcement for this release, though.

BeatCubes is now in full 16:9, 1920x1080, Full HD Resolution!

As we've always ran 4:3 Aspect Ratio, this has been a big task. We've had to reposition and straight up move parts of the game to make them both easier to find, while still retaining the BeatCubes you know and love.

Although, with any release, there are issues.

Known issues in this release are as follows:

* When reaching a 6x combo, there is a bug where a part of the left part of the screen will start moving and layer incorrectly. This will be fixed in a future beta.

* There is a bug on macOS where the game will launch with a black screen. Please check your macOS version is up to date, as this doesn't seem to occur on macOS 12+

Unless we've missed something, this should be all!

Enjoy the beta and don't forget to send us your feedback at!

/Zephrya Games


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