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A PC rhythm game developed by Zephrya Games. · By Zephrya Games


Recent updates

Savecode Update - v1.2 Beta 2 Patch 2
Heyo BeatCubers! We've released a tiny update to all v1.2 Beta 2 releases that addresses a critical issue where savecodes couldn't generate. This update is reco...
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BeatCubes v1.2 Beta 2 - Changelog
Welcome to a new era of Beating Cubes Or atleast, that's how most game developers would say it. Here at Zephrya Games, we just say, welcome to the 2nd Beta of B...
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BeatCubes March 2023 Sale live in an hour!
The BeatCubes March 2023 Sale starts in exactly 1 hour ! Get BeatCubes for 5 0% off at $2 here:
Introducing BeatCubes on Linux - Officially
Today, the BeatCubes team is proud to announce that BeatCubes can now run fully on Linux BeatCubes has now been tested on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish - And it...
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"How do I update via the Desktop App?"
"Help! How do I update BeatCubes via the itch Desktop App?" We know - Follow this tutorial!...
BeatCubes v1.1 | QoL and Bug Fixes
We've got some updates! Introducing BeatCubes v1.1 - A small QoL and Bug Fix Update Mom, we're also smooth now! Remember the lines at the screen edges in the ma...
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More changes to the BeatCubes page
We've made more changes! First of all, backgrounds! Second, we've got a new stylish font, check it out! /Zero, Main Developer...
Changes to the BeatCubes page
We've changed some stuff! First of all, we've added support for the Desktop App! Earlier, you'd have to download the setup from the itch Desktop App and...
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